Welcome to the World As Seen Through My Eyes (Or What I Feel Called to Continue)

TheEmergenceBibleCommunityAbove is my dream… The Emergence Bible Community.

How far away is this? It is only God who knows.

What will be the final outcome? Again, only God knows.

My dream is a church, a church that has its sights set on providing a safe haven for those who call it home. Yes, a church is a business (of sorts), but I believe that it can be more.

A place of hope, love and safety.

Can a church be productive and healthy if the focus is more on the people than the business aspects of today’s world? I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, it cannot only flourish within a short time, but these focuses will drive The Emergence (or any church like it) into people’s hearts. No longer just filling pews or counting heads… what about counting hearts?

Creating a long-term, safe community.

How many of us are looking for some healing, some guidance, or even a pat on the back? How long will it be before we just cry out in anger, frustration, or brokenness?


A welcoming and non-judgmental environment for those who need to cry out to God, as well as a place that can become a strong support system for those who seek to learn and grow. Everybody needs to be loved and feel enveloped by the Father… to be welcomed for the creation that they are.

I hope that we can be the family to pick each other up.

This will only happen once we love each other and become comfortable with our experiences, pains and joys. This will allow us, as a community, to not only feel the hurts and burdens of one another, but it will allow us to grab on and direct each other, through God’s message, into our future blessings.

To journey through God’s story together.

Eventually, love will win, but what role can a church play into that outcome? It is simple: Once there is a breakdown of our old, hurt, and broken selves, we can, then, emerge on the other side as a newly-recognized self within a community that cares for one another. Best of all, we can rejoice in finding God through a personal relationship that is encouraged, not hindered, by our family in Christ.

Emerging into life – TOGETHER – as a body of believers.

This is only chapter one of this journey… keep reading and commenting. Together, we’ll walk this story and emerge in unity.


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