It was a sad day.

A sad, sad day…

My journal broke as I took it out of my bag in Starbucks this morning. However, the good news is Amy is  crafty and is going to rebind the spine (sounds like the making of a fine rap song).

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Sometimes, my husband is so dorky…”fine rap song”!?!  – A.

This wouldn’t be so bad, but this book has been a two-year safe haven for me. It has the first meeting notes of working in a church, memories of my cat, a memorable Francis Chan evening, plus numerous thoughts about marriage and my changing life.

Anyways, on to dreams…

Tony Jones’ book The New Christians is compelling my soul and driving my thoughts well beyond overdrive. He is right in saying that when most people start to think they may be an emerging thinker or believer, many times the realization is that they have been there for awhile. I keep wondering about one thought from today though. Am I living theologically in my belief of God, or am I simply just “doing” theology? Does my life and more importantly every daily activity reflect what I believe about God? I know my personal answer is no, but I can improve. Step one is show love, vague but tough. My hope is to be apart of a loving community that truly seeks to show their theology in their actions and behavior.

Also, I realized that many times the words “just” and “only” enter into my vocabulary. How many times DO we say, “All we need to do is just love Jesus,” or the only way to reach our teenagers is by doing this or that. Tony Jones is right:

These words to nothing, but minimize our concepts, beliefs, and even integrity.

Think of how much more we can accomplish if we took the time to ponder biblical teaching and allow it to meet us where we are, knowing that there is always so much more to it then we can ever imagine. Our life, in terms of theology, should in fact be noticeable to our communities whether they are in a relationship with Christ or not. It compels me to think that I have such an influence or provide such a hinderance to someone seeking Jesus.

What is your theology saying today?


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