Tony Jones’ book continues to amaze me. It has OldComic_2006-01-03_Truth

been awhile since I have had so many questions

while reading a book.

I love it!

Reading should challenge, drive, and pull you into a

world that forever changes you. This book is doing just that. Today was about truth, and as I sat in Starbucks reading his argument, it seemed to make so much sense.

We have no problem saying that describing God is beyond our human understanding. Our fallible nature/brain is not able to comprehend the complete greatness that is our wonderful Creator. We also have no qualms with acknowledging the fact that God is Truth.

His Word is Truth!

That statement does not even make most people look or think twice. That is just the way it is.

However, if you ask someone to describe truth, you can usually get a response of some sort.

How can this be? If God cannot be described because of the His grandiose nature, and if He is Truth, then how do we even begin to think that we can define truth?

“Talk of Truth demands the same humility as Talk of God.” This conclusion made Tony Jones’ argument take larger effect. Truth starts to become a little more relative, doesn’t it?

The biblical narrative does not use truth as a hinge. The Word of God focuses on a way of life that Yahweh calls us to in the Old Testament, and Jesus calls us to this new life in the New Testament. God has no rules to hold Him back, no bonds to His will or strength. 

The fact is (notice how I did not use the word truth there) that Jesus is not held back in the truth of the left (physics), or the truth of the right (supernatural). He is God. He can defy all the laws of physics and he can go well beyond our concepts of the supernatural. God does not fit in a box, but He creates the box, and daily goes beyond the limits we set out for Him.

There is something in the middle of the truth of the left and right.

That is Jesus.

Jesus, a combination of the divine and humanity, and a combination that is perfect and true.


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