Knowledge and Immediacy (This Goes For You Too, Kanye).

Middle schoolers don’t have a willingness (or the ability) to wait for anything. Our culture has trained them to expect everything instantly. Patience is a rough one, “delayed gratification” is a foreign concept, and slowness can have a deeply profound impact on their lives as it’s something they simply do not experience daily.

This is a quote from Mark Oestreicher in an article from the Youth Worker Journal. In this article, he says there are two cultures found within middle school. A culture of information and a culture of immediacy. Both can be traced back to the increase and knowledge of technology. Your iPhone allows you to search the web from anywhere and, at anytime, you can download your favorite tunes. Hence, because of this ease, you can also download the video of your favorite rapper making a fool of himself during an awards show.

Now, I know I am a couple of days behind on this topic, but I had to think about it for a little bit. What I came up with was this: Kanye is no different than the 14-year-old that feels it is their entitlement to have an iPhone. They need it then and now, and it is their parents’ duty to buy it for them. Just as this 14-year-old feels entitled, does Kanye really think that his opinion mattered at all?

No one cares who Kanye feels should win the award, and if they did, he would be the judge of it. He needs to grow up and realize that he, like no one, has an entitlement to whatever they want, that is, unless, your name is Jesus.


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