Chris Tomlin – Whispers of Worship

But what got my attention most was when he said the music wasn’t very good in his church gatherings.  Through his translator, he stated, “If we sing loud, they’ll hear us and arrest us.  So we just gather up close and whisper the songs to God.  We have to be quiet.”   It was an awakening moment for me.   Again, I saw another picture of true worship living itself out.  I thought of all my efforts to sing and play loud for God, and never had I been a part of a chorus as loud as their whispers.   In our culture today, if our music is a bit lacking, then so goes our “worship.”  But I was awakened again that worship has little to do with style or volume.  It is about spirit.   It is about being on a mission to live and die for the name and renown of Jesus.  My humble friend from China was a representation of what it looks like to present your body as a living sacrifice to God.

How often do we forget what true worship should be?

ht to Royal York Baptist Church


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