Community Support

I started a new book this week by Peter Block, which is simply called “Community.” It is an interesting read and a unique book with regards to its layout and content. It has a brief introduction at the beginning of each chapter which allows the reader the option of reading the summary or the whole chapter. The chapters also include review questions that not only cover the ideas in the chapter, but also allows us as readers the opportunity to think about how we can improve the communities of which we are apart. I have only begun the book, but I am excited to see where it leads me, especially with regards to the communities that I am in: our family, our churches, and also the Yonge and Eglinton area where Amy and I call home.

I had a brief thought as I read the following in the introductory pages of Block’s book:

“If it is true that we are creating this world, then each of us has the power to heal its woundedness. This is not about guilt, its about accountability.”

I started to think about the first community – Adam, Eve and God. They fit right into this premise raised by Peter Block. Adam and Eve lost their sense of accountability and what happened they felt guilt and shame. When the two of them were accountable to God, they had the perfect community. When they lost their community, there was shame. Accountability is what will lead us into better communities. If we build communities through feelings of guilt and shame, then we will not allow ourselves to be 100% committed to the communities we are apart of. However, once we allow ourselves or, better yet, open ourselves up to the vulnerability of accountability, the communities WILL become apart of us.

Let’s take pride in our communities and hold each other accountable to the decisions and actions that will either build up our communities or tear them down.


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