Abusing Scripture

I found this article to be very useful as I get prepared to teach youth through scripture. The following abuses of scripture allow me to focus my teaching, along with keeping it biblically sound. I hope this can help you as it has me. Where do you tend to have the most trouble?  What do you see most in the teaching of youth today? Let me know!


1. The abuse of the whole gospel, which he argues distorts the whole Bible: the healing, redeeming work of God is both personal-spiritual and social-corporate. Overdoing either or ignoring either distorts both gospel and the Bible.

2. The abuse of selectivity — selecting the passages we want to believe and burying the others.

3. The abuse of biblical balance — riding one hobby without considering of larger themes or complementary themes. He examines elevation of particular sins and imbalancing theology and ethics.

4. The abuse of words.

5. The abuse of context, and here he examines literary, theological, historical and cultural.

But I’ve been thinking of the many who have a great idea, know the texts where that idea is found, and then run everything in the Bible — and I mean everything — through that one idea. These folks “use” the Bible and end up “abusing” the Bible. That’s why we need more Bible studies that focus on what the Bible does say in its context.

ht: beliefnet


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