I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio

I have to say I was a little disappointed about this book. I found it to be a little repetitive in its content, and too simplistic. After watching the Passion Talk DVD’s, it seemed like I heard this before. If I hadn’t watched the series first, the book probably would have had more of an impact.


The main point to take from the book is that when God declares himself “I Am” to Moses, God is “I Be.” The phrase “I Am” translates to “Be” and when, as Giglio points out, we come to an understanding of that, God become much bigger then we could ever imagine. We need to come to an understanding that God is big and we are really, really small. Embracing the idea of smallness needs to be more than a one time proposition, or settling to us, it needs to be a daily sacrifice to God. We need to sacrifice our pride and realize that God’s story was already in process before He ever created humanity, and He created us to worship Him, not ourselves. Everything God does, He does to glorify himself, so that we may be reminded about the wonderful mystery that He is.


I did enjoy the breakdown of “Be,” and its new found understanding as a prefix in beloved, or became. Essentially, God is saying I am love, or I came. This changes as Giglio works through the beatitudes, so that they become “Be Attitudes”


Even though it is a quick read, my suggestion would be to watch the Passion Talk series as the visuals enhance the teaching that the book provides.


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