One.Day Underestimated for Youth Workers

I am very excited to be sharing the next big event for Underestimated. We have partnered with Doxa and Youth Unlimited to bring in Chris Tompkins from Muskoka Woods to lead a discussion on the developmental processes of jr. high and high school students. You can RSVP to the event here.

The day will be a four hour intensive on Youth Ministry for only $10. This will be a great day for training youth workers (jr.high/high school workers), as well as a great opportunity for your whole student ministries team to learn together as well as break down what you discuss in the facilitated groups that are specified to jr. high and high school workers.

Come experience One.Day of encouragement and practical youth ministry training together while discovering the basic tools needed to wrap up your ministry year.

Understanding Youth Development: by Chris Tompkins

Guiding us through the “ages & stages” of Youth Development. Exploring the body, mind, emotions and social dynamics of youth and how they each can change like a whirl wind.

Adolescence is a period of time marked by significant growth and development.  The body, mind, emotions, and social dynamics of young people are going through a whirlwind of change.  As youth workers, we get this as we see it happen on a weekly basis.  Some nights it even feels like puberty is happening right in front of our eyes.  Have you ever shown up to run an event and not recognized a youth because they have grown two feet since the last youth night?    

How much do we really know about the human development of 12-18 year old students?  Does our programming  work against the power of nature or are we using our knowledge of “ages and stages” to accomplish our ministry goals?  Do we have unrealistic expectations of our young people?  Do we “underestimate” what is possible because we think they are “too young”?  In this session, we investigate a number of developmental realities for today’s young people and wrestle with the implications for our ministry programs and outcomes.

Facilitated Break Out Groups: how to program effectively based on youth developmental realties, how to communicate messy spirituality, how to integrate “ages & stages” into your overall ministry goals and outcomes.

If you would like to pre-purchase your tickets for your ministry team you can do so through EventBrite by clicking the logo below.

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