CBC – Doc Zone – Episode – Sext Up Kids

I was told about this by Brett Ullman the other day and it is a fantastic watch for anyone in Youth Ministry. Sorry, to anyone outside of Canada as you will not be able to watch the whole episode on the CBC Doc Zone site.

Sext up KIDS exposes how growing up in a hyper-sexualized culture hurts our kids. Teens and pre-teens show and tell what they are doing and why they are doing it.   Experts reveal startling new research, tracking how the pressure to be sexy is changing teen and sexual behavior in alarming ways, as “anal becomes the new oral.” Parents and educators struggle to help kids navigate puberty in a world where the line between pop culture and porn culture is increasingly blurred. For every parent who thinks, “that’s not my son or daughter,” Sext up KIDS

I also like that there are links to all the resources on the website as well by clicking on the resource tab under the view box. The full video is 45 minutes and I would love to hear your feedback on whether, or not you see this in today’s culture, or if you think it is an exaggeration of what is going on in the lives of the teenagers we work with.


CBC – Doc Zone – Episode – Sext Up Kids.


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