Guest Post: What Our Kids Hear from “Some Nights”

Love this guest post on Doug Fields blog about Fun’s song “Some Nights.”

I think it is very important to think critically about the media that is in our lives and I love finding posts that bring to light many of the questions that not only our students might be asking about the media in our lives, but also the questions us as leaders might not be asking.

My question is why do we not acknowledge some of the media in our lives with a critical outlook?

Are we too afraid that when we look deeper into the movies and songs that we have stuck in our heads that we will feel ashamed of the lyrics that we are singing aloud?

Here is a brief snapshot into the post about “Some Nights.” Hit the link to jump to Doug Field’s blog for the whole post.

3.It’s doing well on the charts

It’s #3 on iTunes as I write this, and it’s #8 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s getting plenty of airplay. I’ve heard it in the grocery store, the mall and the radio nonstop.

4.The lyrics raise questions about the meaning of life

One of the catchy parts of the song is when they repeat, “What do I stand for?” a question that probably resonates in the minds of the listeners. The music video doesn’t seem to offer much clarity, possibly serving as just one interpretation of the lyrics. But the message of “emptiness” seems to penetrate through most interpretations.

via Guest Post: What Our Kids Hear from “Some Nights”.


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