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#glscda 2012 Session 6 – Jim Collins (Great By Choice)

#glscda 2012 Session 6 – Jim Collins (Great By Choice)

So much to unpack here in the upcoming days. Look for a post in the next coming week as a continuation from his talk. Remember these are only my quick notes.

Why do some enterprises thrive and some fail?
In the same difficult situations
The difference is found in leadership skills
Almondson and Scott reaching south pole is driving story

Level 5 leader is ambitious
The X-factor is humility mixed with will.

The distinctive behaviors
1) Fanatic Discipline
20 mile march story – walk 20 miles everyday instead of waiting for perfect conditions.
Do not go to far, don’t stretch more then you can.
To not over stretch is stewardship to your team as well.
What is your 20 mile march
Turn good intentions into positive results.
Seeds – Trees as an example
6×6 cards too
20 mile march can be relationship, personally based
It is all about consecutive productivity and performance.
Te key question starts with what can I do today?
Signature of mediocrity is inconsistency.

2) Empirical Creativity
Empirical is the key.
Scott- Engine blocks froze plan B was ponies. Ponies froze. Plan C was shoulder harnesses. Trip was equivalent to New York-Chicago and back.
Almondson – went and lived with Eskimos and asked to be taught. They taught him to use dog sleds.
He bet his success on proven success.
Comparison leaders don’t fire enough bullets to see what will work inseam fire giant cannon balls in an attempt to find a solution. Ponies was a cannon ball.
“We strive to be one fad behind.” blend creativity and discipline. innovation without discipline will not produce success.
Creativity is natural and discipline is not. The challenge isn’t creativity it is how to remove all that is in the way of your captivity.
Fire bullets not cannon balls.

3) Productive Paranoia
You can only learn from the mistakes you make if you survive. Scott can’t learn from his mistakes.
Almondson took three times the supplies and added marker flags along the path in case of a whiteout.
It is what you do before you get into trouble, so that you can be strong when people need you most.
Specific methodical and consistent.
When you lose your core/soul you lose everything.
@Todd_Skinner: When you marry innovation with discipline you amplify your creativity success. – Jim Collins #GLSCDA

@Todd_Skinner: When you marry innovation with discipline you amplify your creativity success. – Jim Collins #GLSCDA

Luck is a specific event.
1) you didn’t cause it
2) potentially significant consequences (good, or bad)
3) Some way surprising

That kind of looks like a miracle.
Great leaders are not luckier.
Calculate ROI and then calculate ROL
It is what you do with these events that determines success.
That return is the differential. When we don’t see these events, or catch them it has no possibility of a return.
@Todd_Skinner: What is your return on luck? It is what you do with your lucky breaks that matters; it separates the good from great. – Jim Collins #GLSCDA

Life is time and time with people you love.

How do you use a bad event into transforming your ministry and how do you make a return on luck?

Greatness is a matter of conscious choice and discipline.

1) Superior performance relative to your mission
2) Make a distinctive impact
3) Lasting endurance beyond one leader.


#glscda 2012 Session 3 – Craig Groeschel (The Strongest Link)

#glscda 2012 Session 3 – Craig Groeschel (The Strongest Link)
Bridging the generation gap
I am here today because of the people that invested and believed in me.
Great illustrations of what he learned from his mentor.
Generational care was key
Too much tension
Talk to Older Generation and then Younger Generation

If you have to ask where you belong you are he
“don’t resent, fear, or judge the younger generation, believe in them. They need you.”
“Can I still engage and make a difference.” Biggest fear
If you are not dead you are not done.”
God values maturity.
“you young guys think so small.” they can challenge through planting seeds that take time to mature. Grain was challenged by a 75 year old on how many services he wanted. Asked if four would work. Answer 7-8
Don’t just delegate tasks. That just makes followers. Delegate authority so that leaders can be developed.
Authority creates leaders
Embrace the season that you are in.
Younger generation can smell a fake from a mile away. Be yourself.
Authenticity trumps cool every time. (fat fifty year old in skinny jeans. Just say no).
They become spiritual father. “I can be a spiritual father to those that come behind.”
Psalm 71:18

Younger generation
You need those that are older more than you will ever know.
One word that describes 20 somethings – entitled. Study done by businesses
Back in my day you had to win in order to get a trophy. Older generation has some stake in this trait. They protected us.
“Put on your knee pads it’s time to pottie train.”
Entitlement causes an overestimating what you can do in the short term.
Honoring the older generation is the most effective way to lead up.
When we honor God for who he truly is we then start to honor everybody.
Honor builds up!
Respect is earned but honor is given.
If you ever want to be over you need to learn how to be under… Honorably.

1) create ongoing feedback loops from those that are older and younger
He goes over his message with both groups before Sunday.
2) Create specific mentoring moments.
If you are not intentional it will not happen
Ask someone if they will mentor. Don’t copy what they do, learn how they think.
What are you reading?
How can you help me develop?
3) Create opportunities for significant leadership development.
No one gets up without coaching and no one gets down without coaching.
Create opportunities for platform time.
When there is investment there is a message sent that you care and that growth is a possibility.

“The local church is the hope of the world.” he took this to heart when Bill said it.

Let us stand together united

#glscda 2012 Session 2 – Condoleezza Rice & Patrick Lencioni

#glscda 2012 Session 2 – Condoleezza Rice & Patrick Lencioni

Condoleezza Rice – No Higher Honor
Three Big Shocks
1) September 11th
Recognized how different our vision of security is (physical)
2) Financial 2008
3) Arab Spring
Fear is breaking down. All that is left between dictator and people is anger.
Universality of freedom
Everyone wants the basic rights.
The rights that come with those who govern you need to ask you.
Freedom brings rights, but also responsibility.
It takes time for freedom to become democracy and true freedom.
The strong cannot exploit the weak – needs to be understood
Every life is worthy in democracy there are no life positions. If every worthy than every life is capable of greatness. It is the responsibility of ppl to make sure the opportunities are available.
We are all worthy in God’s eyes
God died for everybody.
Action on that principle that everybody is worthy needs to be noticed.
Governments cannot produce compassion, people can.
It is the compassion of the people that carry out the actions, not the governments that put money out.
The best thing you can do is to give people the control over their lives through education.
Transforming power of education.
With education it doesn’t matter where you came from, it matters where you a going in life.
Why then can we look at your postal code and know whether our not you are educated. We are failing.
Leadership is not just who follows you, but who you are building up to lead next.
The great example is Jesus
Optimism is the great characteristic of a leader.
Keep a clear perspective of how difficult your circumstances are. That is the only way to stay optimistic. After the World War how would they have lead. Question asked after terrorism. Maybe we don’t have it so bad.
If you focus on today’s headlines you lose track of tomorrows opportunities to break out of history’s mistakes.
It is a privilege to struggle. When no struggles then we think ourselves great.
Suffering produces – Scripture reference (privilege to struggle)
When things seem impossible they can seem inevitable another.

Patrick Lencioni – Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else
Why don’t any of your competitors do this?
Does your competitors think it is below them.
“Organizational health is the single greatest”… quote
To maximize success organizations need to be 1) Smart 2) Healthy (Messy emotional)
1) Tech, engaged, relevant etc. 98% of the focus
2) minimal politics
Minimal confusion
High morale
High productivity
Low turnover

We are more comfortable with the logical
You can’t be successful without the number 1, but very few tap into the full potential because they don’t have the health.
Being healthy is the multiplying factor to the smarts of your organization
How do we make it healthy.?
1) Build and maintain a cohesive leadership team
Five behaviors (results, trust etc.)
2) Create clarity
Six questions
Why do we exist
How do we behave
What do we do
How will we succeed
What is most important, right now
Who must do what
When we answer these we create clarity
– loved the Dundir Mifflin mission statement – fake but so real

Why do we exist?
– what you produce might not be why you do it. Mary Kay cosmetics. Nothing to do with making women beautiful, but to provide jobs to women.
This helps us stay focused.

How do we behave?
– Three key behaviors these aren’t aspirational, they are actual. That make you lose credibility if you lose touch with behavior.
Willing to get punished for.
To violate your core behavior is to sell your soul
These need to go beyond a minimal standard.
“To work in a church you must never to it to just have a job.”

How will we succeed?
Strategy should be available to everyone.
Every decision you make should affect and be your strategy.
Create three strategic answers to help you through everything. (Southwest)
1) loyalty
2) stay on schedule
– Southwest
No strategy equals bad time management

3) communicate

4) reinforced through human systems

1) Build and maintain a cohesive leadership team
Five behaviors (results, trust etc.)
2) Create clarity
3) Communicate
4) reinforcement
– these are done in a circle with an XY axis starting top left and then moving clockwise.

#glscda 2012 Session 1 – Bill Hybels (The Privilege of Leadership) Notes

#glscda 2012 Session 1 – Bill Hybels (The Privilege of Leadership)
90 Countries
42 Languages
160,000 leaders

Session 1 – Bill Hybels (The Privilege of Leadership)
Great leaders always go the extra mile because the vision is everything.
Everyone gets better when a leader learns. “Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”
Luke 8
A guy with a bucket of seeds
Jesus is saying that no matter how bountiful the seeds there are always limited amounts of good soil – Do we let that stop us from sowing
Seed rejection ratio at work 75%
Everyone’s life would be better with Jesus at the centre
What does the tree look like in your ministry
Do we see an increase in trees from year to year?
If I want to see more trees I need to plant more seeds in order to beat the rejection ratio.
Do people in our community know who you are? Do they know your vision?
Story of a guy who lost his cat and he lived close enough to Willow for it to get lost on the property. The gentleman did not know it was a church, he thought it was a college.
They needed to plant seeds and new types of seeds.
They started Alpha for the first time.
Just Walk Across the Room – Leadership Training (Check it out!)
Where do we need to see trees?
Your whole ministry takes it seed planting responsibility from you. Do you change up the plan to counteract the 75% rejection ratio.
Trees are worth it. Sow more seeds.
The leaders most effective tool is their energy and the ability to energize their projects.
“You are the most difficult person you will ever lead.”
A leaders best took is their ability to energize their projects/teams etc. ENERGY
You can’t sprint for 6 months, but you can sprint for 6 weeks. (See 6×6 graph) strategic plans around your six week goals.
Plan your day around these six goals. Energy bursts.
1) finalize proverbs series
2) fund evangelism
3) brainstorm 2 Million dollar project for underprivileged nation
4) find and mentor a next gen. leader for ministry role
“Leadership matters.”

Succession planning
Sensitivity to feelings is key.
1) Planning phase
Every subject matter gets raised and discussed.
Whose role is it to find a successor?
Timeframe.… etc.
Can’t rush them.
2) find and internal person
Establish a time frame
3) if needed find external person
4) transition new person into role
About 18 months

Future of ministry is more solid
Board members need to know how deep the feelings are within the hearts of founding or senior pastors.
Don’t place people with no emotional intelligence in these conversations.
Pastors it is your leadership duty to ensure the ministry is left in a healthy place when you leave.

God doesn’t make you a leader so you can just hover over something. He places you I. Leadership so that you can move.
Build the case so that you can move from here there.
When is the vision most vulnerable?
A) Beginning process
B) Middle process
C) Finalizing

B is the most vulnerable.
A is full of energy.
C is full of energy to finish
B can be stagnant. Energy and passion are needed in order to make the vision seem like the processes a worth it.

Our worst days as a leader are better then the best days as a watcher on the sideline.