#glscda 2012 Session 1 – Bill Hybels (The Privilege of Leadership) Notes

#glscda 2012 Session 1 – Bill Hybels (The Privilege of Leadership)
90 Countries
42 Languages
160,000 leaders

Session 1 – Bill Hybels (The Privilege of Leadership)
Great leaders always go the extra mile because the vision is everything.
Everyone gets better when a leader learns. “Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”
Luke 8
A guy with a bucket of seeds
Jesus is saying that no matter how bountiful the seeds there are always limited amounts of good soil – Do we let that stop us from sowing
Seed rejection ratio at work 75%
Everyone’s life would be better with Jesus at the centre
What does the tree look like in your ministry
Do we see an increase in trees from year to year?
If I want to see more trees I need to plant more seeds in order to beat the rejection ratio.
Do people in our community know who you are? Do they know your vision?
Story of a guy who lost his cat and he lived close enough to Willow for it to get lost on the property. The gentleman did not know it was a church, he thought it was a college.
They needed to plant seeds and new types of seeds.
They started Alpha for the first time.
Just Walk Across the Room – Leadership Training (Check it out!)
Where do we need to see trees?
Your whole ministry takes it seed planting responsibility from you. Do you change up the plan to counteract the 75% rejection ratio.
Trees are worth it. Sow more seeds.
The leaders most effective tool is their energy and the ability to energize their projects.
“You are the most difficult person you will ever lead.”
A leaders best took is their ability to energize their projects/teams etc. ENERGY
You can’t sprint for 6 months, but you can sprint for 6 weeks. (See 6×6 graph) strategic plans around your six week goals.
Plan your day around these six goals. Energy bursts.
1) finalize proverbs series
2) fund evangelism
3) brainstorm 2 Million dollar project for underprivileged nation
4) find and mentor a next gen. leader for ministry role
“Leadership matters.”

Succession planning
Sensitivity to feelings is key.
1) Planning phase
Every subject matter gets raised and discussed.
Whose role is it to find a successor?
Timeframe.… etc.
Can’t rush them.
2) find and internal person
Establish a time frame
3) if needed find external person
4) transition new person into role
About 18 months

Future of ministry is more solid
Board members need to know how deep the feelings are within the hearts of founding or senior pastors.
Don’t place people with no emotional intelligence in these conversations.
Pastors it is your leadership duty to ensure the ministry is left in a healthy place when you leave.

God doesn’t make you a leader so you can just hover over something. He places you I. Leadership so that you can move.
Build the case so that you can move from here there.
When is the vision most vulnerable?
A) Beginning process
B) Middle process
C) Finalizing

B is the most vulnerable.
A is full of energy.
C is full of energy to finish
B can be stagnant. Energy and passion are needed in order to make the vision seem like the processes a worth it.

Our worst days as a leader are better then the best days as a watcher on the sideline.


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