#glscda 2012 Session 3 – Craig Groeschel (The Strongest Link)

#glscda 2012 Session 3 – Craig Groeschel (The Strongest Link)
Bridging the generation gap
I am here today because of the people that invested and believed in me.
Great illustrations of what he learned from his mentor.
Generational care was key
Too much tension
Talk to Older Generation and then Younger Generation

If you have to ask where you belong you are he
“don’t resent, fear, or judge the younger generation, believe in them. They need you.”
“Can I still engage and make a difference.” Biggest fear
If you are not dead you are not done.”
God values maturity.
“you young guys think so small.” they can challenge through planting seeds that take time to mature. Grain was challenged by a 75 year old on how many services he wanted. Asked if four would work. Answer 7-8
Don’t just delegate tasks. That just makes followers. Delegate authority so that leaders can be developed.
Authority creates leaders
Embrace the season that you are in.
Younger generation can smell a fake from a mile away. Be yourself.
Authenticity trumps cool every time. (fat fifty year old in skinny jeans. Just say no).
They become spiritual father. “I can be a spiritual father to those that come behind.”
Psalm 71:18

Younger generation
You need those that are older more than you will ever know.
One word that describes 20 somethings – entitled. Study done by businesses
Back in my day you had to win in order to get a trophy. Older generation has some stake in this trait. They protected us.
“Put on your knee pads it’s time to pottie train.”
Entitlement causes an overestimating what you can do in the short term.
Honoring the older generation is the most effective way to lead up.
When we honor God for who he truly is we then start to honor everybody.
Honor builds up!
Respect is earned but honor is given.
If you ever want to be over you need to learn how to be under… Honorably.

1) create ongoing feedback loops from those that are older and younger
He goes over his message with both groups before Sunday.
2) Create specific mentoring moments.
If you are not intentional it will not happen
Ask someone if they will mentor. Don’t copy what they do, learn how they think.
What are you reading?
How can you help me develop?
3) Create opportunities for significant leadership development.
No one gets up without coaching and no one gets down without coaching.
Create opportunities for platform time.
When there is investment there is a message sent that you care and that growth is a possibility.

“The local church is the hope of the world.” he took this to heart when Bill said it.

Let us stand together united


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