#glscda 2012 Session 6 – Jim Collins (Great By Choice)

#glscda 2012 Session 6 – Jim Collins (Great By Choice)

So much to unpack here in the upcoming days. Look for a post in the next coming week as a continuation from his talk. Remember these are only my quick notes.

Why do some enterprises thrive and some fail?
In the same difficult situations
The difference is found in leadership skills
Almondson and Scott reaching south pole is driving story

Level 5 leader is ambitious
The X-factor is humility mixed with will.

The distinctive behaviors
1) Fanatic Discipline
20 mile march story – walk 20 miles everyday instead of waiting for perfect conditions.
Do not go to far, don’t stretch more then you can.
To not over stretch is stewardship to your team as well.
What is your 20 mile march
Turn good intentions into positive results.
Seeds – Trees as an example
6×6 cards too
20 mile march can be relationship, personally based
It is all about consecutive productivity and performance.
Te key question starts with what can I do today?
Signature of mediocrity is inconsistency.

2) Empirical Creativity
Empirical is the key.
Scott- Engine blocks froze plan B was ponies. Ponies froze. Plan C was shoulder harnesses. Trip was equivalent to New York-Chicago and back.
Almondson – went and lived with Eskimos and asked to be taught. They taught him to use dog sleds.
He bet his success on proven success.
Comparison leaders don’t fire enough bullets to see what will work inseam fire giant cannon balls in an attempt to find a solution. Ponies was a cannon ball.
“We strive to be one fad behind.” blend creativity and discipline. innovation without discipline will not produce success.
Creativity is natural and discipline is not. The challenge isn’t creativity it is how to remove all that is in the way of your captivity.
Fire bullets not cannon balls.

3) Productive Paranoia
You can only learn from the mistakes you make if you survive. Scott can’t learn from his mistakes.
Almondson took three times the supplies and added marker flags along the path in case of a whiteout.
It is what you do before you get into trouble, so that you can be strong when people need you most.
Specific methodical and consistent.
When you lose your core/soul you lose everything.
@Todd_Skinner: When you marry innovation with discipline you amplify your creativity success. – Jim Collins #GLSCDA

@Todd_Skinner: When you marry innovation with discipline you amplify your creativity success. – Jim Collins #GLSCDA

Luck is a specific event.
1) you didn’t cause it
2) potentially significant consequences (good, or bad)
3) Some way surprising

That kind of looks like a miracle.
Great leaders are not luckier.
Calculate ROI and then calculate ROL
It is what you do with these events that determines success.
That return is the differential. When we don’t see these events, or catch them it has no possibility of a return.
@Todd_Skinner: What is your return on luck? It is what you do with your lucky breaks that matters; it separates the good from great. – Jim Collins #GLSCDA

Life is time and time with people you love.

How do you use a bad event into transforming your ministry and how do you make a return on luck?

Greatness is a matter of conscious choice and discipline.

1) Superior performance relative to your mission
2) Make a distinctive impact
3) Lasting endurance beyond one leader.


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