Quote from “Things A Little Bird Told Me” by Biz Stone

Believing in yourself, the genius you, means you have confidence in your ideas before they even exist. In order to have a vision for business, or for your own potential, you must allocate a space for that vision…

Real opportunities in the world aren’t listed on job boards … Inventing your dream is the first and biggest step toward making it come true. 

Biz Stone

Things A Little Bird Told Me


As I head into a couple days of extreme learning I am reminded that I am often my worst nightmare. I kill dreams and aspirations even before they leave my brain. They don’t even make it into words. 

My hope for this week at #WCAGLS is that I get the opportunity to dream and allow for space so that my dreams can grow.  

What dream are you as a leader not giving head space to these days? I would love to hear your thoughts. 


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