Thoughts Heading Into A New #Kidmin Year

As we get ready to launch our children’s ministry for a new ministry year this week I am taken back to these words found in Playing For Keeps by Reggie Joiner & Kristen Ivy.


We don’t experience worth because we are loved once,

but because we are loved by someone over time.

We are not motivated to action by one phrase,

but by words that move us over time.

We don’t understand the word through a single event,

but through a collection of stories over time.

We don’t know we belong because of an invitation to something,

but because we have been welcomed in a tribe over time.

We don’t discover how to live in a moment,

but we live when we experience the joys of life over time.

I find these words to be a challenge and a focal point for the upcoming year. As students enter into their place of worship this year are they experiencing love, hearing words of encouragement, listening to stories that will change their lives and welcomed into a life group?

All of that so they can see and understand the joys that come from living a life that mirrors Christ and shares the gospel with their friends and family.

I am pumped for this year and I truly hope that none of our kids miss out on the fact that they are loved by God and their life group leaders care enough about them to share a large story with them all year so that their life will change forever.



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