Month: February 2015

Digging Deeper with Jr. High Kids

Some great advice on how to did deeper with Jr. High students.

Leverage your Influencers
There is always ‘that kid’ in your group. The one that seems to set the tone. The one everyone takes their cue from. You might have more than one. And that can be helpful. But there is usually at least one.

Rather than leaving their response to chance, you could shoulder tap that kid and challenge them to really contribute to this conversation. In fact, you think so highly of them, you want them to share first on a particular topic. Then give them the question and allow them time to consider their answer. Leverage their influence by leading them to set the right tone for group discussion.

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Seven Essentials To Creating Ministry Partnerships That Last | Orange Leaders

Check out this awesome article from the Orange Leaders Blog.

Here are the actionable steps to consider for your future partnerships:

Trust who you work with.

Articulate the purpose or reason for the partnership.

Set clear and measurable expectations.

Create a written actionable plan.

Follow through on your commitments.

Leave money on the table.


via Seven Essentials To Creating Ministry Partnerships That Last | Orange Leaders.