My Story

My name is Adam B. R. Clarke.

Well, the two middle initials represent my father
and my grandfather, Brian and Raymond respectively. I have my grandfather’s military cap badge tattooed on my left calf…forever there to remember all the time he spent with me as a child and teen, and to represent his life and how he lived it. Family means the world to me. I place a lot of importance on it as an existence and a social system.

Currently, I serve as the Children’s Ministry Associate at The Peoples Church in Toronto, Ontario. I am also also a coach for Lead 222 Canada which strives to disciple new leaders who will teach others, and I was also a ghost writer for the last two years. I have a beautiful wife, Amy, and love living in midtown Toronto as we enjoy connecting with our neighbors and living in a great city. On another note, I graduated with a double major in Religious Studies and History at Tyndale University. I have spent most of my time applying my biblical knowledge to today’s need for youth programming in a Christian environment. On my spare time, you can normally find me in Starbucks with a coffee and a good book.

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