Sunnybrook Top 100

I love living in Toronto and the amazing services that are found within our city. When I was in Sunnybrook I was amazed with the nursing staff and the doctors that I talked to, so naturally when I read this I wasn’t all that surprised.

“It is truly an honour to be named among the country’s best working environments,” says Dr. Barry McLellan, President and CEO of Sunnybrook. “I am particularly proud of our numerous programs supporting staff wellness and recognition, but the main reason we are included on this list is the people who come to work here every day. I am so proud of our dedicated staff, physicians and volunteers, who are unwavering in their dedication and commitment to making Sunnybrook one of the best places to work, receive care, learn and discover.”

Sunnybrook was recognized as one of the GTA’s top employers and one of Canada’s greenest companies for 2009. Again this year, the hospital participated in the extensive application process, describing the business, workforce, physical environment, work and social atmosphere, health, financial and family-friendly benefits as well as compensation, vacation and personal day policies, internal communications, performance management, continuing education and professional and community development. The selection committee examined the recruitment histories of over 75,000 employers across Canada and invited 24,000 employers to apply. Sunnybrook was selected from the over 2,600 employers that started this year’s application process to be among the 100 best places to work in Canada.

“This well-deserved designation confirms what we have felt for years,” says Dr. McLellan.” Sunnybrook is indeed a special place and one of the best organizations to work for in the country – hospital or otherwise.”

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