I Thought It Was a Good Idea

Who could have asked for a better trade?RSCN1355_2

Cincinnati was able to trade away a decent, but often injured third baseman to Toronto for Scott Rolen. Now, I know I live in Toronto and should bleed blue for the Jays, however my blood will never change from its blissful red, as Cinci will always hold a place in my heart.

The only problem now is four games into being a Red, Rolen has gone down with a concussion and is out at least 15 games. If we remember last season, all you Jays fans out there, Aaron Hill went down with the same injury and was out for the year.

My question now is the hot corner safe for anyone at the Great American Ballpark?

I guess we can only hope for the same turn around from Rolen as Hill had this year.